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Statistical Snapshot: Gentrification / Seattle is #2!

A storefront in the Ballard, one of the visibly-fastest-growing neighborhoods in Seattle. Photo via Creative Commons / Jay Cox.

Boston and Seattle are the two US cities that have gentrified the most between 2000-2007, according to research by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. I stumbled on this article relating gentrification to financial health, and it occurred to me that although gentrification is on everyone’s mind in Seattle these days, I’ve never seen a […]

Book Review: Common Ground in a Liquid City

Book Review: Common Ground in a Liquid City

A few months ago I picked up Common Ground in a Liquid City off a friend’s shelf. It’s a collection of essays by Matt Hern that are tied together by a few common themes. After reading just a few randomly chosen pages, I can honestly say I now look at differently at cities I visit, […]

“The Skinny” – A 12-Foot-Wide House in Seattle

“The Skinny” – A 12-Foot-Wide House in Seattle

I hesitate to call this a small house, because it hides 1400 S.F of floor area behind its svelte, 12-ft wide profile. However, context is everything, and the 2-bedroom home sits in a part of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, where the average house is more than twice its size. Developed on a subdivided […]

Democracy at Work: Seattle Passes Pro- and Anti-Density Bills in the Same Session

A typical off-the-shelf design (this circa 2007) that CVS uses in strip malls across America. Via Wikimedia / Creative Commons.

As an example of how fickle (or consistently NIMBY-ish) people can be when it comes to zoning and density, the Seattle City Council passed two measures today – one limiting the densities of certain neighborhoods, and one requiring it. 1. For those neighbors against the construction of “monster houses” on small lots, the city extended […]

Would You Live in This House?

A typical house in the Vennelyst area of Copenhagen, Denmark. Approx. 85 s.f.

  Or this infill?     This 4-ft-wide house comes as close to compressing your life into two dimensions as any: Yes, that is daylight in the gap. Which makes this home in Seattle seem downright oversized…     Finally, somewhat less outstanding in its context is this sliver of a house in Ahmedabad, India […]