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Statistical Snapshot: Gentrification / Seattle is #2!

A storefront in the Ballard, one of the visibly-fastest-growing neighborhoods in Seattle. Photo via Creative Commons / Jay Cox.

Boston and Seattle are the two US cities that have gentrified the most between 2000-2007, according to research by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. I stumbled on this article relating gentrification to financial health, and it occurred to me that although gentrification is on everyone’s mind in Seattle these days, I’ve never seen a […]

How Does Airbnb Affect Your City?

Lobby of Airbnb's new diggs in San Francisco. There is a sweet, multi-story Living Wall  on one side.

Airbnb has been on my radar lately as a growing variable in city housing discussions. A few weeks ago I created an account with the service to book a room in Edinburgh as a cheaper – and hopefully more personal – alternative to a hotel. Around the same time, a friend sent me an article […]

A New 704 SF House in Portland, OR

Photo via the NY Times / Aaron Leitz

Articles on the topic of small-space living has become almost commonplace in the mainstream news lately. I’m still not sure if it’s indicative of a real trend, or if it’s an enticing enough subject that whenever someone comes out and builds a novel, small house under 1,000 s.f., it’s worthy of a feature.

Tiny Houses in Idaho and Elsewhere

Tiny House in Idaho designed and constructed by Macy Miller. Photo courtesy of Inhabitat.

NPR had a feature on architect Macy Miller and her 200-s.f. house last week. Although neither the concept nor execution is new, it’s always good to see examples of well built, livable houses in the mainstream media. In this particular house I really like the use of salvaged wood from shipping pallets for the siding, […]

Iwan Baan: Ingenious Homes in Unexpected Places

Iwan Baan: Ingenious Homes in Unexpected Places

  As a counter to many of the projects covered thus far in, this TED Talk by photographer Iwan Baan delivers some much-needed perspective on planning, housing, design,  human ingenuity, and normalcy.

“The Skinny” – A 12-Foot-Wide House in Seattle

“The Skinny” – A 12-Foot-Wide House in Seattle

I hesitate to call this a small house, because it hides 1400 S.F of floor area behind its svelte, 12-ft wide profile. However, context is everything, and the 2-bedroom home sits in a part of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, where the average house is more than twice its size. Developed on a subdivided […]

Home Economics: Affordability and the “Tiny House”

Home Economics: Affordability and the “Tiny House”

Yesterday the Huffington Post  reported that 68 percent of “small-space dwellers” (we must come up with a better term for them) do not have a mortgage, as opposed to 23 percent of all home owners in the United States. The article reposts a well-circulated poster by The Tiny Life blog:       This blog is […]