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Visualizing Street Orientations

Image Credit: Seth Kadish

  This has more to do with data visualization than planning or density, but the concept is so simple and well done, I had to share. Self-proclaimed scientist and data visualizer (visionary?) Seth Kadish has compiled the streets of major U.S. cities and represented them on compass polar coordinates. They remind me of wind roses, […]

Shipping Container Student Housing

Shipping Container Student Housing

If you, like myself, think that the trend of designing buildings out of shipping containers has dragged on too long, you may be right. However, the Keetwonen student housing city in Amsterdam is worth a look.

Architectural Death Ray: The Perils of Urban Living

Walkie Talkie Building. Creative Commons / Paul Wilkinson via flickr.

  This is not related to small houses, density, or building, but it is so amazing that I need to mention it. The Daily Mail reports that the Walkie Talkie Tower in London is melting bikes, cracked building tiles, and frying eggs, due to the curvature of its facade. There are great photos, diagrams and […]